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Our team of experts are trained to always put the interest of the client first. This has endeared us to many of our clients who trust us, you can also trust us too.


Funds Recovery

We help you recover money that you might have lost to fraudulent online schemes.

Claim Assessment

Our analysis of claims is through and carried out by some of the best attorneys in the business. We are dedicated to getting your money returned to you using result oriented strategies.

Investment Advising

We advise you on profitable investment portfolios so as to ensure that you don't fall victim of investment scams again.

Intelligent Gathering

Benefit from a wealth of data gathered by us and also by our associates. We can help you verify authenticity of investment schemes.

Our Working Process

Our team of experts are trained to always put the interest of the client first. Here to help you get back what you lost to online fraud.


Case Review

Performing preliminary checks to assess whether the case can result in a substantial recovery, based on our experience.

Gather The Evidence

Collecting all the information and documentation required to successfully pursue your case.

Confront The Entities

Systematically confronting the relevant entities that have facilitated the illicit transfer of your wealth.

Support 24/7

We take pride in our track record and assure you that we’ll go to great lengths to get your money back.

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